Mom, Guess What We Did at School?!


3 - 4 years


Preschool—Mom, Guess What We Did at School?

Half Day ProgramsAt Sunshine Child Care and Learning Center, we offer a quality, affordable, safe and exceptional preschool program to children 3-4 years of age.  Our preschool program combines academic innovation with socialization activities and character development – creating an unparalleled experience for your youngster.  At Sunshine we truly believe that each child is a special gift whom parents have entrusted to our care.  While in Sunshine’s preschool program, children flourish in a structured and nurturing environment where their talents and abilities are encouraged.  We have found that children learn best and respond positively when learning is made fun and boundaries are clearly defined.

Socialization The classroom is an ideal environment for children to learn how to cooperate and share with their peers.  Whether it is learning to cooperatively build a house with wooden blocks or playing imaginative games on the playground, children are encouraged to work together in a positive and considerate way.  The goal of Sunshine’s program is to encourage children to be “kind” friends, “first-time” listeners, and to learn to function independently. Socialization is accomplished through:

  • Indoor Freeplay
  • Outdoor Freeplay
  • Activity Centers
  • Snack/Lunch
  • Share  Circle
  • Dramatic Play
  • Music/Movement
  • Special Events

Academics At our preschool, children are gradually taught simple academic concepts starting with shapes and colors.  They then move on to number concepts, alphabetic letter and sound recognition and then perfecting their penmanship.  Creative teachers teach these concepts through visual, auditory, and physical activities.  The secret ingredients to our success in academics are creativity and fun- setting the stage for a true love of learning.  Some of the areas where Sunshine focuses on academic achievement are:

Pre- Reading Skills The Sunshine Preschool program introduces phonemic awareness and vocabulary development.  Students will be introduced to upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and their phonetic sounds

Literature The Sunshine Preschool literature program introduces a variety of classical stories and discusses them with the children in order to develop vocabulary, story comprehension, and a love for reading.

Penmanship The Sunshine Preschool penmanship program focuses on the development of fine motor skills through cutting, clay activities, and penmanship practices. Children also will begin printing skills.

Reading & Comprehension The Sunshine Preschool reading and comprehension program works to help children identify the front cover of a book, patterns and sequence, as well as recognizing their own name in print.

Math The Sunshine Preschool program focuses on classification, patterns, and numbers. Children also learn to identify basic shapes and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Children also participate in counting activities and begin to recognize numbers through nine.

Social Studies Units The Sunshine Preschool social studies program focuses on family group members, friendship, and learning how to function as a group. The program also focuses on community helpers, seasons of the year, holidays, and beginning map skills.

Science The Sunshine Preschool Science program introduces the children to basic science concepts.  Some of the science themes covered in Preschool include five senses, weather and the four seasons.

Physical Education The Sunshine preschool physical education program continues developing self-confidence, coordination, sharing and sportsmanship skills.

Music The Sunshine Preschool music program introduces songs, chants, beat, rhythm, and music and movement skills.

Art The Sunshine Preschool art program emphasizes eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity through drawing and painting, cutting and pasting, use of watercolors, chalk, paints and crayons.

Specific Art Objectives

  • Completes seasonal art projects
  • Continues developing eye-hand coordination
  • Expresses ideas and feelings of creativity through manipulation of a variety of art media

Social & Emotional Growth Self-Help Skills The Sunshine Preschool program encourages children to develop socially and emotionally at their own rate. The goal of Sunshine’s program is to encourage children to be “kind” friends, “first-time” listeners, and to learn to function independently.  Some specific goals include using appropriate manners such as “please” and “thank you”, learning to cooperate with peers, sharing a toy with other friends, using a toilet independently and hand washing skills.

Sunshine’s Character Development Program Sunshine’s Character program includes monthly character traits and moral principles that are introduced and reinforced on a daily basis throughout our whole school. Class activities, community projects, and thematic units that coincide with our curriculum expose the children to all of Sunshine’s character traits. Here is a sample of some of our monthly character traits and their difinitions:

August- Obedience and Respect
“Doing what you are told the first time with a happy heart”
( a.k.a. “first-time listening”)

September- Attentiveness
“Listening with my ears, my eyes, my heart, and my body”

October- Forgiveness
“To forget someone’s wrong doing”

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