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Parent Reviews

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We sincerely appreciate all of these kind words from our parents. We encourage you to read the reviews for Sunshine Learning Centers below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

I am writing to tell you of the marvelous experiences my family has had and continues to have at the Sunshine Wiley preschool campus. All four of our kids have attended Sunshine Wiley!

Our experience started 13 years ago when my husband camped outside the building to make sure our oldest secured a spot to enroll in the fall of 1998. Even back then, the reputation of Sunshine Wiley was worth him camping out overnight!. Sunshine Wiley was such a great place for our oldest to be and she came home every night telling her younger sister how much fun she was having. It was the incentive to attend Sunshine that motivated our second child to finish her potty training … she HAD to get in on the fun.

Our recent experiences at Sunshine Wiley with our younger two children have been just as phenomenal as it was with our older children.

MISS SHIRLEY- Leadership at the Wiley campus is the reason this is the BEST preschool in Santa Clarita. I have seen the camaraderie Miss Shirley promotes within her staff. Her support to these hardworking teachers and her ability to choose them carefully is the reason turnover is so low (in a field with a reputation for turnover) and morale is so high. Not only is she a great leader to the staff, she has been an approachable resource to parents. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sought her guidance on various issues I was being challenged with as a parent.

MISS KRISTA – I’m not sure how she does it but she is as warm and helpful at 7am as she is at 5pm Whether it is bill pay confusion … my endless questions about summer camp … my constant calls requesting to be transferred to my child’s classroom … the list goes on and on … her patience and kindness make me feel like I am the only parent at Sunshine.

MISS AMANDA – This amazing teacher had the questionable fortune to get our most challenging child in her class. I believe Miss Amanda’s talents are the reason our Olivia has done so well in kindergarten. Her mixture of love aqd discipline tamed our “beast” and brought out the best in here To this day Olivia HAS to go get hugs from Miss Amanda every time we are in the building!

MISS BRE – This gifted educator is currently teaching our last Sunshine enrollee and youngest child, Parker. I cannot stress to you how impressed I am at how seriously Miss Bre takes her career as a preschool educator. From pencil grip … to scissor handling … to peer influences … I have come to rely on her insight into Parker’s development.

These are just some highlights from our experience, I could go on and on about:

  • How READY our kids were for Kindergarten thanks to the Sunshine curriculum.
  • How well the teachers and their assistants work as teams.
  • How I have come to know the entire staff by name because they are all so warm and friendly even though my child is not in their classroom.
  • How my children tell me “come back later Mommy” because they are having such a good time when I come to pick them up.
  • How when I come in here it feels like “home” and not “daycare”.
  • How HAPPY all the staff are and how that translates to my HAPPY children!

Sunshine Wiley will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will always be grateful.

Jennifer Rappoport

Six years ago my wife and I began researching pre-schools for our oldest daughter who at the time was 2 years old. Sunshine was not the closest school to our home, but it was only one that offered the educational and emotional enrichment we were looking for. When visiting Sunshine Wiley for the first time, there was a feeling of warmth that came from everyone we met. My wife is an elementary school teacher and when she asked the kindergarten teachers at her school where their K-ready kids went to Pre-School, over 90% had gone to Sunshine Wiley. Since that time all three of our daughters have gone through the school. Our oldest from 2006 to 2008, our middle from 2008 to 2010 and our youngest from 2009 to 2011. Their experiences at Sunshine have given them a foundation that will help them for the rest of their lives. In the school setting, our daughters have learned what it means to be a student. They are all first time listeners, eager learners and active participants in class. They have all left Sunshine with the foundational reading and mathematic skills to be successful throughout Elementary school. Over the years neither the educational experience nor the warmth we felt on that first visit has changed. Sunshine is stronger that ever, from the Director and Asst Director to each and every teacher. Being a part of Sunshine Wiley is like being part of a great family. Thank you for a wonderful five years.

John Borkowski

Sunshine has been a wonderful place for our children.  The teachers are, first and foremost, the mainstay of this excellent preschool.  They create a warm and caring environment where children learn academics, social skills and have fun each and every day.  The curriculum for each age group allows for children to progress in learning and eventually prepares them for Kindergarten.  Our three year old has made some dear friends, adores his teachers and proudly shares with us what he learns every day.  Our older son’s Kindergarten teacher complemented him on his preparedness for kindergarten, and we truly attribute this to Sunshine’s pre-K program.  He now enjoys Sunshine’s after-school program.  Over the years we have met new family friends and enjoy Sunshine’s family-oriented social events.  We consider Sunshine to be an extension of our home environment and feel comfortable knowing that our children receive the best care everyday!


Our daughter had previously attended another daycare facility in the Santa Clarita area; once we found out about Sunshine and toured the school we immediately fell in love with their approach towards the children.  From the attentiveness of the staff to the overall feeling of caring that permeates every aspect of the school, Sunshine has been everything we wanted in a preschool and more.  Our child is happy yet challenged, not only in the academic areas but also in the social skills that are emphasized by every teacher and staff member.  We never wanted a school that was merely an extended baby-sitting service.  Instead, we were looking for a school that helped reinforce the lessons we as parents were teaching our children at home as well as a school and staff that we could trust with our child.  Sunshine has met and exceeded those expectations many times over.  We look forward to enrolling our second child at Sunshine and would strongly recommend Sunshine to anyone else looking for a preschool for their children.

Robert and Czarina Louie

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